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About the Camp

Camp Smallwood is a fun summer camp for kids of all ages. It is run by four teens who have lots of babysitting experience and are great with kids. Each week has a corresponding theme with lots of games, crafts, activities, and prizes! Snacks and drinks will be provided, but the kids do require a lunch. Our camp is $25/day but we do provide a sibling discount!

Week 1

In the first week, we focus on sports and games like soccer, kickball, capture the flag and much more!

Week 2

In the second week, we focus on arts and crafts. Like making tie-dye shirts, slime, friendship bracelets, and more!

Week 3

In the third week, we focus on water activities like running in the sprinkler, water balloons, water guns, swimming in the pool, and more! (This requires a bathing suit)


Camp Smallwood is run Monday - Tuesday starting June 26th and ending June 14th. It runs from 9:00am - 12:00pm.

Book our camp!

Available for kids 11 years old and under!

To book our camp, contact us at (585) 350-9005

or email

Camp Smallwood

Meet the people behind the camp!

18 year old girl attending Stony Brook University in the fall. She is a dancer and a gymnast who loves being outside!


18, Rochester

Senior at Sutherland High School who plays for the varsity softball team. She enjoys doing clubs at school!


17, Rochester

Sophomore at Sutherland High School who is also on the softball team. She enjoys many arts and crafts!


15, Rochester

Freshman at Sutherland High School and plays soccer. He loves sports and video games!


14, Rochester

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